We suggest all prospective applicants make contact with the school office and arrange a visit to get a feel for Dunedin’s unique ethos.

Once contact has been made and the interested parties wish to pursue the application further they can either make a private application directly to the school or refer to their local council’s psychological services for a funded place. A decision would then be made by the psychological services as to the suitability of the young person for a placement at the school and then an agreement considered regarding funding.

Applications can be submitted at any point within the school year and will be considered for enrolment if there is a space available. Spaces occur at various times throughout the year so there are no restrictions as to when a new pupil can start.

However, the final decision remains with the school on whether a trial placement will be offered, even if funding has been secured. The school considers the suitability of the young person taking into account if we feel we can help the pupil, whether he/she sees the school as somewhere to be helped and if the new arrival will fit into the current cohort of pupils. If we feel that Dunedin can help the pupil a conditional trial placement will be offered.

Visiting the School


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