Leadership Day at Harlaw

Harlaw Reservoir in the Pentland Hills was the setting for our Leadership Day challenge. This challenge was an opportunity for pupils to be out of a school setting and work collaboratively to achieve team goals, in this case to gather the clues necessary to compute a combination allowing them to open a safe containing a team prize.

Each team was issued with a 1:25,000 map excerpt of Harlaw Reservoir, along with one starting clue. Using the clue in conjunction with the map they had to navigate to a new location where they would find another clue, using this to navigate onwards to the next location, and so on. Along the way they encountered various challenges which they had to negotiate as a team before gaining that location’s clue.

Each of our teams successfully completed the challenge and was able to claim their prize.  We rounded of the challenge with a barbecue picnic in the peaceful surrounds of Harlaw’s wildlife garden.  A well deserved congratulations to all our pupils for getting stuck into and completing the challenge.