Students’ Work

Christmas 2017 – Computing Project

Pupils in ICT have been looking at electronic devices and how they can be interfaced with computers.  Starting with standalone circuits, connecting these to Raspberry Pi and finally using small microphones to create prototypes for Christmas decorations.



Found Poetry

In English some of the pupils have been experimenting with Found Poetry and have created some fantastic short poems.  Below is a poster displaying all the poems and a little information on what Found Poetry is.

img_2453-1 img_2454-2

Here is a closer look at the poems that were written.  These poems are connected by the theme of Alice in Wonderland and are linked to our drama workshops with The Lyceum and our Art & Design department.

img_2456-3 img_2458-4
img_2461-7 img_2462-8
img_2457-10 img_2460-5


Fairtrade Fortnight

Over the last two weeks our pupils have indulged in a range of activities as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, exploring where our food comes from and understanding more about the lives of those who produce it.

Pupils bagged, labelled and sold Fairtrade nuts at our school community break-time River made (and ate!) this chocolate cake, based on a Belize sugar cane farmer’s recipe
fairtrade-1 fairtrade-3
Anna made Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins using only Fairtrade ingredients The finished article…


Dunedin Christmas Cards

Towards the end of 2016 two of our Art pupils made Winter inspired Christmas greeting cards for friends of Dunedin.

img_1618 img_1616

The first card is a fantastic photograph taken by Melissa of winter time in the Dunedin garden.

img_1619 img_1621

The second is a lovely Christmas themed print made by Jordan.