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Money raised for the school goes towards projects which will help develop the education that our pupils need to enable them to overcome personal difficulties and give them hope for a better future. In particular we are concentrating our efforts in preparing our older pupils for life beyond school and into the world of further education or employment.

If you would like to make a donation or find out more about how you can support the school please contact:

Rosie Galloway
School Administrator

The following are opportunities we would not have been able to offer the pupils without generous funding from trusts and friends of Dunedin.

Drake Music has successfully provided music tuition to Dunedin for four years. It began as a one hour workshop at Dunedin and has now evolved into a weekly two to three hour session at the Drake music studios. These sessions benefit those with an interest in playing and producing music.

During their time at Drake studios pupils learn independence, confidence, improved physical co-ordination and teamwork. Many take part in this workshop for the full duration and so will showcase their work at an end of term concert. Additionally the pupils gain the opportunity to produce their own record which they can keep. Drake music continues to be popular year on year and gives those the opportunity to pursue a hobby as a career.

For the last two years Drake Music has delivered a week long work experience to two of our previous pupils. These experiences were so successful that this encouraged both pupils to pursue a career in Music. On leaving Dunedin School one of those pupils accepted an offer of employment from Drake Music and is working towards a qualification in Sound Engineering. The other gained a place at college doing Music Production.

The benefits of this music programme on the health and wellbeing of our pupils is immense and we hope to continue with this for years to come. Thanks to generous donations we were able to fund this project costing £4500 and hope to be able to repeat it this year for the 2nd and 3rd terms.
Our system of education is geared to the individual and is increasingly reliant upon the use of computer technology. Through on-going fundraising we have been very fortunate to be able to purchase and install Interactive White Boards in our classrooms, greatly assisting teaching. Over a period of eighteen months we were able to replace all our notebook computers.

In 2015-16 session we have replaced our five desk top computers to to make them suitable for teaching up to the standard of Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Computing at Higher and Advanced Higher level.

We are currently fundraising to be able to upgrade to superfast broadband. Currently Dunedin School has a simple ADSL broadband supplied by BT via our business landline. This provides internet access for our 21 full-tiime pupils and 14 staff. The line was installed in 2007 and provides a maximum download speed of 8Mb/s (Mega ibts per second). While this was adequate in 2007, it is now insufficient for the number of Internet users in school and the trend for educational websites to have much richer content and increasingly higher resolution videos.
A number of pupils experience a range of difficulties associated with poor working memory. These can be commonly described as forgetting what they are currently doing and things they have learned, failing to remember instructions and failing to complete tasks. By improving working memory, we can significantly improve the educational experience of those pupils.

This is an on-going project at Dunedin School. It has proved remarkably effective in improving the educational performance of pupils who were identified as possible beneficiaries of the project

In their final year at Dunedin, we are working closely with pupils, emphasising on the consolidation of previous work within this project to ensure a raised level of confidence once they have left the school




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