The Atco Project

Two of our pupils are working on a project to strip-down, repair and rebuild the engine from a classic 1962 Atco lawnmower.   As they progress they have been learning how its 4-stroke Villiers engine works, how to use the tools necessary to remove and rebuild the engine and learning about the importance of maintaining and servicing engines.  Most recently they derived the displacement of the engine to be 75cc, using a vernier scale to measure the bore and stroke of the engine, and applying geometry skills learnt in class at National 4 level to calculate this.

This is a long term project and we would hope to have the engine rebuilt and running by the end of the school year.  Watch this space!

 Preparing to remove the engine


 Removing the engine


 Removing the cylinder head


 Removing the manifold


 …and the flywheel


 …and now the crankcase