The Lyceum Sharing Event

This week saw the culmination of this year’s collaboration with The Lyceum, when invited guests joined us for our sharing event.  Guests were encouraged to walk through the “bizarre bazaar” pupils had created, which was intended to be a feast for the senses.  They could read and listen to the stories and scripts pupils had developed, inspired by the tales of The Arabian Nights. There was also film footage to watch and a specially-created marketplace soundscape to listen to.   Home-baked fiery ginger biscuits and cinnamon biscuits, representing Ali Baba and his 40 thieves, provided refreshments and pupils even made a genie appear from out of a puff of smoke, dressed in a costume also designed and made as part of the project!

Pupils worked really well together throughout the day to make the sharing event a success, and it was lovely to see them being so helpful and supportive of one another.  This marks the end of what has been a very busy few months, working on a project which provides many different kinds of challenges for our pupils, and we are very proud that they delivered such a lovely final event.