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Goodbye to Sam

Change is an inevitable part of life, embrace it they say, onwards and upwards always the mantra.  And change is what we are facing at the end of this term; and we will face the challenge, and we will go onwards, and upwards, but there will be a lot of sadness as well.  Why you might ask.  This term marks the end of Sam’s time with Dunedin, over twenty years teaching Geography, and PSE, and getting pupils into the outdoors, and residentials, and Duke of Edinburgh award, and…   and, really, we can only just begin to scratch the surface of Sam’s contribution to Dunedin here on this little old blog but, like a stick of your favourite childhood seaside confectionary, know that Sam is Dunedin to the core and Dunedin is Sam to the core.  Change is an inevitable part of life, and yes, we will embrace it and yes, we will move onwards.  We will be happy for Sam and we will wish her all the best as she sets off on her new life up north but we will also be sad about it, and we may shed a tear or two, and things won’t quite be the same when August comes around, and that’s just part of life too.

Getting outdoorsy

June is that month of the year when we at Dunedin get all outdoorsy, donning wetsuits, strapping on walking shoes, pulling on racing helmets to indulge in a plethora of challenging activities.  Of course we are a little bit limited by circumstance this year and, for example, we have not been able to run our usual Glencoe residential – our apologies go out to the midgies of that aforementioned glen who are apparently particularly upset at this.  Click on the photo below to get a taster of what we have been up to.

Riding the Range

A quiet “walk on”, accompanied by a gentle tap with the heels, is all that is needed to set Mr Bob, Alfie and Murphy on their way, as our pupils have been finding out.  We have been very lucky that riding started up again early on this term and, given the fine weather we have been having, our pupils have spent much of their time riding the bounds of the Drum Estate with the RDA.  Confidence and skills have been growing, as well as the challenge of discouraging their ponies from tucking into the lush greenery whilst out and about – a veritable Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory if you have four legs and like to neigh! 

By the power of…

…copper coins, aluminum foil and card soaked in vinegar! Really. A battery. Science is amazing, isn’t it? A drumroll please for this enterprising pupil getting all experimenty at home. Look for the led light turning green as contact is made. Well done you, and well done to all our pupils who are just getting on with it. We know this is a challenging time but stick in there, you are all doing fantastically well. (And yes, the title of this post is a reference to an obscure ’80s cartoon and no, I’ll not apologise for it.)