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Eco is as eco does

Or, we are only as eco-friendly as the eco-friendly actions we actually take!  Our pupil Eco Team have recently set out three themes that school will focus on in working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag award.  These are: to increase Biodiversity; to reduce Litter; and to reduce Waste.  Birdboxes are being built, insect hotels constructed and the garden prepared for “Bee Bombs” (to be deployed in early spring next year).   A campaign to reduce litter in public spaces surrounding school is being hatched even as this post is typed, and plans are also afoot to tackle the use of single-use plastic in school.   Meanwhile pupils are about to kick-off a project to recycle six redundant school computing servers; to dismantle, test and reconstitute as many working servers as possible from the six, and then to donate or sell them on.  So, a busy winter ahead for our Eco Team, and for the wider school, as plans are turned into reality.  I for one look forward to seeing the results.

Precious and precarious

As part of the lead in to COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference kicking off in Glasgow on the 31st of October, St. Cuthbert’s parish church is holding an exhibition to reflect Our Precious and Precarious World.  We are very proud of our pupils who have contributed their artwork to this exhibition which is free, and opens on Tuesday the 26th of October.  We thought we might give you a sneak preview of what’s on offer – click on the Kakapo to see more.


Alpaca my bags…

…it’s another school trip!  Yes indeed, and kindly blogged by our pupil Ruben:

On Wednesday the whole school headed down the coast to Dunbar to visit a herd of alpacas who live at Hedderwickhill farm.

We started off eating our lunch in an adventure park. Most of us were mature enough to not joke around, but a couple had the pleasure of reliving our childhood – especially a certain teacher who shall remain nameless but who loved the experience!

When we arrived at John Muir Alpacas, they saw us and thought – they’re funny looking Alpacas!  But nevertheless, they took us for a walk.

Once we started the walk with the Machos (Boys), we had a very entertaining time especially that certain teacher. We walked as a herd down onto the beach and then back with a few stops on the way for a little grazing and photographs.

After the walk, we fed the herd then went to feed the Hembras and Crias (Girls & babies). After that we sadly left them and we went back to school.

A good day was had by all.



What better on a cold, wet and windy October day than jumping into the North Sea?  Sorry, what’s that you say?  Oh, not jumping into the North Sea!  Ah, but you don’t know our pupils here at Dunedin.  They insisted that they should jump in and, not only that, they doubly insisted that staff should jump in as well.  Fortunately this blogger drew the long straw and stayed shoreside.  Yes, maybe there was a little bit of envy, a small regret that a wetsuit had not been donned, a missed opportunity to join in the immense fun that was being had in the water but, you know, that’s just the way it goes sometimes, the small sacrifices a blogger must make!  No, please, it’s ok, just a bit of dust in my eye, honest.