Freedom of Information


Freedom of Information (FOI) law requires Scottish public authorities to produce and maintain a publication scheme. Authorities are under a legal obligation to:

  • publish the classes of information that they make routinely available
  • tell the public how to access the information and what it might cost.

Dunedin School is a Scottish public authority under FOI law and it has adopted the Model Publication Scheme produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner.

The purpose of this Guide to Information is to:

  •  let you to see what information Dunedin School publishes under each class of the Model Publication Scheme
  •  tell you how to find the information easily
  •  tell you about any charges for the information
  • give contact details for enquiries and help with accessing the information
  • explain how to request information we haven’t published

Availability and formats

The information we publish through the Model Publication Scheme is, wherever possible, available on our website. We offer alternative arrangements for people who do not want to, or cannot, access the information online or by inspection at our premises. For example, we can usually arrange to send information to you in paper copy (although there may be a charge for this).

Exempt information

We will publish the information we hold that falls within the classes of information below. If a document contains information that is exempt under Scotland’s freedom of information laws (for example sensitive personal information or a trade secret), we may remove or redact the information before publication but we will explain why.


Dunedin School has adopted the Open Government Licence (OGL) for the information it publishes through this Guide. You can view the  OGL here: This sets out what you can and cannot do with our published information where we are the copyright holder.

Where Dunedin School does not hold the copyright in information we publish, we will make that clear in this guide.


There is no charge to view information on our website or at our premises. Prior arrangements must be made to view information at the school.

We may charge for providing information to you e.g., photocopying and postage, but we will charge you no more than it actually costs us to do so. We will always tell you what the cost is before providing the information to you.

Our photocopying charge per sheet of paper is shown in the table below:

Size of paperPence per single sided copy (black and white)

We will recharge any postage costs at the rate we paid to send the information to you.

When providing copies of pre-printed publications, we will charge no more than the cost per copy of the total print run.

We do not pass on any other costs to you for our published information.

This charging schedule does not apply to our commercial publications (see Class 8 below). These items are offered for sale through retail outlets such as book shops, academic journal websites or museum shops and their price reflects a ‘market value’ which may include the cost of production.

Contact us

You can contact us for assistance with any aspect of this publication scheme:

Dunedin School, Liberton House, 5 Nether Liberton Lane, Edinburgh, EH16 5TY, 0131 672 2638

We will also be pleased to advise you how to ask for information that we do not publish or how to complain if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of this publication scheme.

The classes of information that we publish

We publish the information that we hold within the following classes. Once information is published under a class we will continue to make it available for the current and previous two financial years.

Where information has been updated or superseded, only the current version will be available. If you would like to see previous versions, you are welcome to make a request to us for that information.

CLASS 1: ABOUT Dunedin School
Class description: Information about Dunedin School who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
School name, address and contactContact Us
School structure, roles and responsibilities of senior staffSchool Brochure
Dunedin School Report and Financial Statement 31st Aug 2023
School opening hoursSchool Handbook 2023-24
Contact details for customer care and complaintsSchool Handbook 2023-24
This Guide to InformationThis page
How to make an information request to the schoolThis page
Our charges for information that has not been published*This page
Legal framework for the school e.g., s29 of the Education Act, constitution, company details, etc.Memorandum and Articles of Association
Governance structures: board, committees, other decision-making structuresDunedin School Report and Financial Statement 31st Aug 2023
Names, responsibilities and (work- related) biographical details of the people who make strategic and operational decisions about the performance of function and/or delivery of services by the school e.g. Board members, chief officersDunedin School Report and Financial Statement 31st Aug 2023
School improvement planSchool Improvement Plan 2023-26
School strategies e.g., stakeholder engagement, equalityNot collated under this heading. See policies and planning
School policies e.g., health and safety, bullyingDunedin School Policy List (Nov 2023)
School planning processesSchool Improvement Plan 2023-26
How the school is held accountable, including reporting requirements of regulatorsEducation Scotland Inspection Report 2015
Internal and external audit arrangementsEducation Scotland Inspection Report 2015
Subsidiary companies or other significant financial interestsNone
Strategic agreements with other bodies e.g., placement agreements with local authoritiesN/A

Class description: Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our service users.

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
Description of the school’s functionsSchool Brochure
Strategies, policies and internal staff procedures for delivering the school’s functionsDunedin School Policy List (Nov 2023)
How to report a concern to the schoolSchool Handbook 2023-24
Reports about how the school delivers its functionsEducation Scotland website
Any fees or charges the school makes for delivery of its functionsFees page
List of services provided by the school, including the statutory basis for them (where applicable)School Brochure
Service policies and internal staff procedures, including allocation, quality and standardsDunedin School Policy List (Nov 2023)
Service schedules and delivery plansN/A
Information for service users, including how to access the servicesSchool Brochure
Fees and charges to service users, including bursariesFees page
School newsletters and news sheetsN/A

Class description: Information about the decisions we take, how we make decisions and how we involve others

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
Decisions taken by the school: agendas, reports and papers provided for consideration and minutes of Board (or equivalent) meetingsOn request
Public consultations and the outcomes of engagement with stakeholdersN/A
Reports of any regulatory inspections, audits and investigations carried out by the schoolSchool Quality and Improvement Plan 2022-23

Class description: Information about our strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how we plan to spend public money and what has actually been spent.

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
Financial statements, including annual accounts, financial statements required by statute and any regular statements e.g., quarterly budget statementsDunedin School Report and Financial Statement 31st Aug 2023
Financial policies and procedures for budget allocationN/A
Budget allocation to key policy / function / service areasN/A
Purchasing plans and capital funding plansN/A
Financial administration manual / internal financial regulationsN/A
Expenses policies and proceduresN/A
Senior staff / board member expenses at category level e.g., travel, subsistence and accommodationN/A
Board member remuneration other than expensesN/A
Pay and grading structure (levels of pay rather than individual salaries)N/A
Investments, summary information about endowments, investments and school pension fundN/A
Any grants available from the school, how to apply for them and funding awards madeN/A

Class description: Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of Dunedin School

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
Strategy for and management of human resources N/A
Staffing structureSchool Brochure
Human resources policies, procedures and guidelines, including: recruitment, performance management, salary and grading, promotion, pensions, discipline, grievance, staff development, staff recordsDunedin School Policy List (Nov 2023)
Employee relations structures and agreements reached with recognised trade unions and professional organisationsN/A
Management of the school’s land and property assets, including environmental / sustainability reportNone
Description of the school’s land and property holdingsN/A
Estate development plansNone
Property and land maintenance arrangementsN/A
Records management policy, including records retention scheduleN/A
Information governance / asset management policies and procedures, information asset listN/A
Knowledge management policies and proceduresNone
Lists of statistical information published by the schoolNone
Freedom of information policies and proceduresTo be added to the publication scheme and published to our website
Data protection or privacy policyDunedin School Policy List (Nov 2023)

Class description: Information about how we procure goods and services, and our contracts with external providers

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
Procurement policies and proceduresN/A
Invitations to tenderN/A
List of contracts which have gone through formal tendering, including name of supplier, period of contract, and valueN/A

Class description: Information about how Dunedin School performs as an organisation, and how well it delivers its functions and services

The information we publish under this classHow to access it
External reports e.g., annual report, performance statements required by statute (e.g., section 32 of the Public Service Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 if applicableEducation Scotland Inspection Report 2015
School Quality and Improvement Plan 2022-23
Performance indicators and performance against themSchool Quality and Improvement Plan 2022-23

Class description: Information packaged and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal.

The information we publish under this classHow to access it

Class description: Open data made available by the school as described by the Scottish Government’s  Open Data Resource Pack and available under an open licence.

The information we publish under this classHow to access it

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