Code of Conduct

Code of Etiquette for Staff and Pupils

Pupils at Dunedin worked with their teachers in PSE to develop a new Code of Etiquette that defines what we expect of each other in school.


We want Dunedin School to be a safe and inclusive space where we feel comfortable sharing our opinions and being respected as individuals.

    1. We help each other when we see someone needs a little extra support
    2. We show respect and empathy towards all members of our school community and we embrace our differences
    3. We treat each other with kindness
    4. We think about what we say, is it appropriate for school?
    5. We value each other’s ideas and we share opinions sensitively
    6. We respect the spaces around us and clean up after ourselves
    7. We keep our mobile phones for break times (unless we have permission from the teacher in that lesson)
    8. We keep our voices calm and listen to music/videos through our headphones


We have a robust Child Protection Policy which helps school staff to support and protect the pupils, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It also serves as a resource for staff giving guidance on practice and key issues in child protection.

For any child protection issues or if you would like to raise a concern please email the Child Protection team: