Code of Conduct

The pupils have written their own Code of Conduct:

• Think of others as well as yourself
• Be aware of the language you use
• Don’t shout if not necessary
• No physical abuse!
• Help each other
• Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself
• Be understanding and compassionate
• Represent the school well
• Respect the school environment– treat the buildings, equipment and grounds well
• Be tolerant of others
• Try not to take your issues/problems out on others
• Be willing to try
• Be patient

We have a robust Child Protection Policy which helps school staff to support and protect the pupils, particularly those who are most vulnerable. It also serves as a resource for staff giving guidance on practice and key issues in child protection.

For any child protection issues please contact Sam Peck (Child Protection Co-ordinator) or Helen Oglesby (Deputy Child Protection Co-ordinator).