Summer term at Dunedin

Pen to paper

A blank page, a story to write, and searching for inspiration?  Sometimes it is best to just put pen to paper and see what flows out, something our S3 pupil has done here to great effect.  Definitely a page turner, though it is a work in progress so you will need to keep you eye out for the next installment.

Ahead of the game

Do you like what we did there? Ahead of the game. A head. Head – do you get it? Oh never mind!  Instead, why don’t you click on this excerpt from a stunning set of paintings by one of our senior pupils. 


Well I never knew that. Did you? In water!  Pull the other one I can hear you saying.  No, honest, just mousey on over and click on the bagel if you don’t believe me.

Another wonderful video contribution from the team that brought you Caking the bake.  Just what’s needed if you’re feeling the strain of lockdown.

Happy Birthday

A big super-duper ukelele Happy Birthday from everyone at Dunedin to Ciara – 17 today.  You can click on the candles (I wouldn’t) if you would like to hear a birthday message (really, no, I just wouldn’t) for Ciara from staff (ok, if you must, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

We hope you have a fantastic day and, if you happen to get a cake, save some for us.


A simple remit it may seem but if your task is to photograph “reflections and shadows”, just where would you start?  Inspiration is not a problem for this pupil though – we are loving the range of subject matter in these images and, if you click on the left, know you will too.  Fantastic work.

Newsletter #2

Have you heard?  Our second summer term newsletter is now up and live.  Some good to know stuff, some fun stuff, and a competition!  Haven’t you read it yet?

Brace yourself!

Dystopian it may be, but one pupil has let their imagination run riot developing a full suite of futuristic warrior characters.  Click on the link (if you dare) to get a taste of some more of these characters.

(User warning – not to be viewed whilst drinking your hot cocoa before bed!)

Our phone is down!

BT are doing some work to our landline at the moment so unfortunately it is not working.  Sorry about that.  In the meantime if you need to get in touch please email us at or call the school mobile on 07518 051277

Other places

Who hasn’t been daydreaming just a little bit during lockdown, about places you would like to be, people you would like to be with, things you would like to be doing? One of our pupil’s has put those musings into collage form – why don’t you check it out? Note though that baby goats are not cute. Not cute I tell ya!

Caking the bake

There’s just no two ways about it, we are partial to a good cake here at Dunedin. Lockdown means we won’t get to enjoy a slice (or two!) of this particular one but why not whet your appetite anyway by joining our pupil as she conjours it up. Oh, and the video making is pretty exceptional as well.

Feeling peckish?

Don’t click here then, you might want to eat the page!  Pupils have been hard at work at home, cooking and baking for HE and VE (Home Economics and VE Day).  Well done to all our budding chefs, it all looks so tasty.

PS. I’m away to raid the fridge.

Missing you

The Summer term is in full swing, or it should be, and so all our staff have a message for you. Click on the image to see what they’re saying.

Newsletter #1

What’s happening, what’s going on? We’ve started a newsletter. Click on the pic to find out what’s what!