Water of Leith

Each year we run an interdisciplinary project that involves pupils from all years and which culminates in a sharing event for parents, carers and friends of the school.  This year our theme has been the Water of Leith, and throughout the year pupils have had the opportunity to explore the natural and human history of the river and its surrounding environment.   A key aspect has been to experience the river now, how people use and interact with it and to understand their impact on it, and so to investigate and imagine how this has evolved and changed over the years.  Science and English, Geography and History, Art and Music, have all provided impetus and direction to the project.  Pupils also worked with musician Pete Lannon, and with Lesley at Drake Music, to create and produce accompanying soundscapes and music.  Pupils worked hard all year on the project and the success of the sharing event is testament to that hard work.

The River comes
from Nothing

The Sound of
the River