Alpaca my bags…

…it’s another school trip!  Yes indeed, and kindly blogged by our pupil Ruben:

On Wednesday the whole school headed down the coast to Dunbar to visit a herd of alpacas who live at Hedderwickhill farm.

We started off eating our lunch in an adventure park. Most of us were mature enough to not joke around, but a couple had the pleasure of reliving our childhood – especially a certain teacher who shall remain nameless but who loved the experience!

When we arrived at John Muir Alpacas, they saw us and thought – they’re funny looking Alpacas!  But nevertheless, they took us for a walk.

Once we started the walk with the Machos (Boys), we had a very entertaining time especially that certain teacher. We walked as a herd down onto the beach and then back with a few stops on the way for a little grazing and photographs.

After the walk, we fed the herd then went to feed the Hembras and Crias (Girls & babies). After that we sadly left them and we went back to school.

A good day was had by all.