S5 pupil

“I came to Dunedin with little self confidence and a preference to stay indoors alone. I gradually became comfortable with the teachers and had a new confidence doing school work. I began to enjoy going outside and seeing people. I was becoming a happier person who thought higher of herself. I am still continuing to gain confidence from Dunedin. I have achieved qualifications which would not have been possible in mainstream. I have also discovered my talent for art. I am very grateful to be a part of Dunedin and can now look forward to my future as an independent young adult. I hope Dunedin will continue to help those who are suffering and help them meet their full potential in life.”

Parent of S5 pupil

“Our son has now been at Dunedin for 2 years and we have been delighted and relieved that through your consistent help and support in all areas he has blossomed into a motivated teenager. His emotions have become more stable and he has learned to focus on tasks. He has also been able to enjoy the process of learning again, something we thought we were losing before he was able to join your school. We appreciate the level of dedication of all the teachers in enabling him to reach his potential.

Parent of S3 pupil

“My daughter has completely changed since starting. Her confidence has improved and she is learning and enjoying learning which is most important.”