Apeing the Ape

What follows is a pupil eyewitness account.  Only read if you have a good head for heights:

“This year we went back to Go Ape in Dalkeith country park. Go Ape is really fun (and also kind of
scary). It has 8 zip wires that go across the river Esk, and platforms high up in the trees with different
crossings like bouncy nets 30 feet up in the air going in between the trees. The hardest part of Go
Ape is a part that is very high up and has footholds hanging from a rope. They swing around when
you try to cross them and its quite scary. Last year when I was at that part a certain pupil almost
threw up on me (I’m not allowed to say their name but you know who it is!) They did manage to get
over their fear and complete it eventually though so that’s good. Luckily this year no one threw up.
After we finished the course we had a picnic lunch in Dalkeith country park and I bought an
orangutan from the shop that’s next to Go Ape. He is called Jimmy. Go Ape was a very fun trip and
we might go again next year if enough people want to go.”

(Thank you for that.  Hmmmm… rather you than me!)