Back to School…

…back to reality (just about!).  How great is it to be back in school after the summer break?  It seems that in no time at all we have settled back into what feels like our “normal” routine.  Well, as normal as it can be at the moment – washing hands, respecting our distance and wearing face masks is still the name of the game, as are those Sunday and Wednesday evening lateral flow tests.  A big shout out to everyone for just getting on with it, for doing your bit, for making it happen.  It wouldn’t be possible without you.

Speaking of shout outs, a massive one is due to all our pupils who did exams last term – what a great set of results you returned and what a tribute to your perseverance and hard work in trying circumstances.  If, as the old adage says, success breeds success, then what a fantastic springboard you have given yourselves for this new school year. 

Staff-wise, a big Dunedin welcome to Cathy, our new Geography teacher, who has settled quickly into school.  What can we tell you about Cathy?  Well, keep your eyes open for an all about Cathy blog post coming soon.

Tuesday and Friday afternoons are activity time at Dunedin.  We are very pleased to be back indoors playing badminton at Gracemount, something that was not possible last term.  As well we are back horse-riding with the RDA and we now have five school bicycles (more of which in a blog post to come).   Looking forward, we are planning some exciting days out before the colder weather kicks in, circumstances allowing.  Be warned though, wetsuits may be deployed!

As to the question at the top of this post, “how great is it to be back…”, well we hope that you agree that it is, to use the modern parlance, super great.