Eco is as eco does

Or, we are only as eco-friendly as the eco-friendly actions we actually take!  Our pupil Eco Team have recently set out three themes that school will focus on in working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag award.  These are: to increase Biodiversity; to reduce Litter; and to reduce Waste.  Birdboxes are being built, insect hotels constructed and the garden prepared for “Bee Bombs” (to be deployed in early spring next year).   A campaign to reduce litter in public spaces surrounding school is being hatched even as this post is typed, and plans are also afoot to tackle the use of single-use plastic in school.   Meanwhile pupils are about to kick-off a project to recycle six redundant school computing servers; to dismantle, test and reconstitute as many working servers as possible from the six, and then to donate or sell them on.  So, a busy winter ahead for our Eco Team, and for the wider school, as plans are turned into reality.  I for one look forward to seeing the results.