It’s choccy time

Sometimes it is just tough being a pupil at Dunedin School.  Imagine having to miss classes to go to a Chocolatarium!  Finding out all about where chocolate comes from.  How chocolate is made.   Tasting lots of different chocolates.  Making your own chocolate.  How could we possibly ask this of our pupils I hear your ask.  Well, we did you know, but fortunately our pupils are made of stern stuff, and pushed on through the disappointment of missing classes.  Why chocolate though?  Fairtrade Fortnight is why.  In school pupils have been exploring the concept of Fairtrade and how it impacts on the lives of the farmers, workers and communities who are part of the Fairtrade system.  Visiting the Chocolatarium was a great way to bring Fairtrade to life and to find out how we as individuals can impact positively on the lives of others around the world.