On your bike

Like hens’ teeth it was, trying to buy bicycles last year.  If you were doing the same you will know what we mean!  Patience was the name of the game but (with thanks to the generous support of donors to our school) buy them we did.  Now we have five shiny new hybrid bicycles all ready for pupils to ride.  There have been a couple of low key, exploratory local rides and we will range further afield once our staff have the appropriate training and certification for leading rides.   We all know the benefits of regular outdoor exercise, and this is definitely a key motivator for getting the bikes.  We will be encouraging both confident riders to get out more and less confident riders to swing their legs over the saddle and give it a go.  It’s not just about riding though, we will also be getting our hands dirty, learning the ins and outs of keeping a bike in a safe and operational condition and carrying out typical maintenance and repair tasks.  So, keep your eyes open when out and about on the cycle paths in case the Dunedin peleton passes you by.  Chapeau.