Smash, flick, drop

Yes, you guessed it, these are all different types of badminton shots.  And yes, your erstwhile Dunedin school blogger did use them as a somewhat abstruse way to say “yeah, we are back playing badminton again”!  What of it you might ask?  Well, it’s another little step forward isn’t it, to be playing sport indoors again.  It’s not just about indoors though here at school – you might remember mention of wetsuits a post or two back.  Well, we can now confirm that wetsuits are go.  I’ll say that again, wetsuits are go.  Tides have been checked, instructors are in place, transport is booked, and a-coasteering we will be going.  The only thing we are missing is staff volunteers to go in the water as well.  Volunteers, where are you?  Volunteers, come back…    Come Back.